The Solana VM 
for Cosmos

Nitro is the first Layer 2 scaling solution for Solana, serving as the gateway between Solana and Cosmos.

Layer 2

Nitro is building a modular scalability engine for SVM rollups. This unlocks new possibilities for chain architecture, such as Nitro’s first rollup, SVM on Cosmos.

Solana Virtual

Nitro features Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) compatibility which enables developers to easily launch their Solana dApps on Cosmos and instantly access the broader IBC ecosystem.

Apps built on Nitro can leverage the SVM for high performance while gaining the interoperability native to IBC.

A Gateway to

Nitro will write to Sei, the first Layer 1 optimized for trading, creating a middle-ground design space between general purpose chains and app-chains. Sei is the fastest chain to finality, includes frontrunning resistance, several levels of order bundling, and offers a native order matching engine that apps can leverage.

Over 50 teams are committed to building on Sei going into mainnet. When launched, Nitro will have access to one of the largest ecosystems in Cosmos.

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